Omitting the Israeli travel ban from e-passport is a sign of flexibility towards Israel -Chattrasena

Press Release

Bangladesh has never been involved in political and diplomatic relations with the terrorist state Israel since its independence. In addition, a person with a Bangladeshi passport was allowed to travel to any country in the world, except Israel. There was a line in the passport of Bangladesh regarding the ban on traveling to Israel, which was like – ‘This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel’. But the authority has removed the travel ban to Israel from the newly reformed e-passport, and wrote that, ‘THIS PASSPORT IS VALID FOR ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD’. As soon as the news of removing the travel ban on Israel from Bangladeshi passport came to light on social media, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chattrasena Muhammad Maruf Reza, and general secretary Muhammad Nuruddin expressed their strong condemnation and anger.

In a joint statement, the two leaders said, ‘The Bangladesh government has set a unique example to the rest of the world by not recognizing the illegitimate state of Israel since our independence, and by severing all ties with them, while many Muslim countries around the world were showing shamelessness by their affair with Israel.’ The anti-Israel stance of the Bangladesh government was appreciated by domestic and international just people. But the sudden decision of the Bangladesh government to remove the ban from oppressive Israel on the pretext of defending international standards is very disrespectful to the people and Muslims of Bangladesh’.

The two leaders added, ‘only a few days ago, Baitul Moqaddas, the first Qibla of the Muslims, was being attacked repeatedly, and the occupying Israel continued to torture the Palestinian Muslims. The blood of the Muslims that fell on Palestinian soil has not yet dried. Despite being a Muslim-majority country, Bangladesh is slowly moving away from its anti-Israel policy; which is extremely sad. Therefore, the leaders of Bangladesh Islami Chattrasena are demanding the immediate reinstatement of the Israeli ban on passports. This claim is of faith; This is the demand of every good citizen of independent Bengal’.

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